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Immigration Form Service

As an Immigration Forms Specialist (IFS) assistance will be provided with completing USCIS immigration forms and putting together submission packages. Translation services and notary also form part of the immigration services. As a first-generation American, I understand the importance of having someone who empathizes, follows a moral code and you can trust to support you in filling out your forms. This company was set up to have an impact and provide services at a cost that would grant an equal opportunity to immigrants chasing the American dream.

Is it Legal for an IFS to Help with USCIS Forms?


Our Company cannot provide legal advice for any situation or case.  We cannot make personal recommendations as to what documents should or should not be used and cannot attempt to predict the legal impact of using any certain document. 


An IFS may provide non-legal immigration services. Generally, these are services that do not require an attorney, unless your state requires you to be an attorney to provide immigration consultation.

Examples of non-legal immigration services include:

  • Helping people complete immigration forms and applications

  • Translating a person’s answers to questions on the immigration forms.

  • Help a person collect supporting documents, such as birth certificates, or other vital records that may be needed to complete immigration forms.

  • Collecting support documents, such as birth certificates or other vital records, required for the application.

  • Submitting completed forms to immigration authorities on an applicant’s behalf.

  • Making referrals to attorneys to provide legal representation in an immigration matter.

What is Our Pricing to Secure Our Services?

Each client is different on what process may fit their needs. With this in mind, we would have to setup a free consultation to determine what process best fits your circumstance.  The  final quote will include the cost of my service plus whatever cost and fees included to complete the submission process to USCIS.  

Certified Immigration Form Specialist

As a National Notary Association (NNA) certified IFS  we are trained to fill out these official forms correctly. It  requires strong attention to detail to prepare the submission packages to meet the requirements of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Booking Service Contract


To book our service, the Service Agreement Contract must be signed, request mobile pick up or email signed contract to The contract covers both Client and us to make sure the services are being provided. It also has clauses discloses that we can not and do not give legal advise.

Most common USCIS Immigration Forms



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